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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lorax3, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Looking for a Car Audio and charging solution, I would prefer to sit the iphone into something that will connect to the dock and will charge/play music. Currently I only run and AUX cable from my vehicle AUX port into the headphone jack.

    Is there a good all in one solution? I'm okay with 1 cable going into the dock then down the line splitting into cigarette lighter/AUX port.
    Anyone used this? Or similar products?


    I have read mixed reviews, am I just better off getting a separate stand and connecting something like this? Feedback with FM Transmitters? I am not too worried about Bluetooth voice, I can deal with getting a separate device. But I would like power and music coming over my car audio system.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    The problem I seem to be running into, even with ProClip, is i cannot find any solution/holder that will fit WITH a bumper, and has a retainer for a dock connecter to be attached.
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    What do you mean? I just looked it up on their website and it specifically has everything you're asking for.
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    I want something like this that will fit with a bumper on.



    The Proclip mount with hold an iPhone 4 with a bumper but it will not charge, the dock cable interferes with the bumper. Note in the description in the link noted above. "DOES NOT WORK with original Apple Bumper Case", even though the picture seems to display otherwise.

    If you see a Proclip that works with an Apple Bumper and can retain a dock connecter in the mount that will charge please link me, as I do not see one.
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    Just got a response from ProClip, and I will post it for others. So now I need to find a dock connecter I like that will go through the bumper and provides power and audio.


    ProClip Official Response:

    The bumper case is more rounded compared to the other cases and has no backing in the case. This design needs to have a separate holder. The other problem we have with the bumper case is the size of the Charging opening. Our cables(Griffin) and other 3rd party charging cables do not fit in the bumper case opening. The only cable that fits is the original USB cable that came with the iPhone 4. We have a holder that is not adjustable but is the perfect fit for the iPhone with a bumper case.




    Holders for the iPhone 4 with build in cigarette lighter charger and for fixed installation are off the drawing board since none of our third party charger supplier is adjusting their cable yet to work with the small opening on the bottom of the Original Bumper case for the iPhone 4.

    Most other cases for the iPhone 4 will work with our line of adjustable holders (including adjustable charging holders) listed here.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Service
    ProClip USA, Inc.

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