IPhone 4 carrier bundle


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Sep 11, 2019
Dear all,
I am wondering if Someone knows where I can find the carrier bundle for IPhone 4g ios 7. I have accomplished the whole procedure to unlock my sim phone but all to no avail! The steps were as the following:
1- the IPhone has successflly jailbroken.
2- cydia sourse ( repo.hackyouriphone.org) has accessed and Commcenter patch IOS 7 has downloaded.
3- Many cydia sourses for IOS 7 have added with the hope that I may get the carrier bundle tool but there was no help. Please I need to unlock my cellphone without paying if anyone can help.
Here is some info about my phone according to 3utools: iPhone 4 8GB IOS 7.1.2(11D257) 16.0 Sprint PRL 60816 MSID 4172140297