iPhone 4 'died" after upgrade

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  1. mig25foxbat macrumors newbie

    Sep 25, 2013
    My iPhone 4 was very happy until I upgraded to iOS 7 on Friday morning. It then behaved oddly and was slow. The battery drained quickly. I gave it a quick charge on Sunday but that did not last. It is now stuck in limbo. I cannot charge it. If I press the start button it shows the low bat symbol + charger icon. Apple genius bar said it was broken and needed to be replaced. They pointed me to Vodaphone who wont help. This phone was originally on a corporate contract and moved to a personal account when I left my previous company so my contract is now sim only so Vodaphone wont cover the replacement. I think the phone was supplied within the last 2 years so should be covered under consumer law???

    I feel the upgrade has caused this problem? any advice gratefully recieved
  2. zxoraz macrumors member

    Feb 16, 2011
    Sounds really strange, I upgraded a few of them to iOS 7, they didn't run it too well but none of the three died because of it.

    In my opinion you should try some more things that might fix it, Afaik Apple or other companies won't really help you anymore as it's.. old.

    If you are willing to give a few things a shot, I say try checking if the phone turns on at all when being plugged in to a charger.

    It sounds like the battery might be faulty or maybe died for some reason, it doesn't happen too often but it could be it - if so, you can get a replacement battery cheap online, it's really simple to replace it too, pm me if you'll need help with that.

    But before you even go for that, try to restore the phone using iTunes or so.

    You could also use redsn0w or similar tools and restore to iOS 6 or maybe 7 if they support it already (You'll need to download the ipsw file online, which is simple to find too, some people might hate me for stating these things but eh, there's no warranty anyway.)

    Update us if there's anything new :)
    Good luck!

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