iPhone 4 Extended Warranty?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by bertie343, May 29, 2012.

  1. bertie343 macrumors member

    Dec 23, 2011
    Bought my iPhone last July and want to purchase some form of extended warranty before this one expires. What is the best bang for my buck? I'm assuming AppleCare? I admittedly have done almost no research as I wanted to get real user's/expert's opinions first.

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    Oct 21, 2009
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    You only have 30 days after purchase to add AppleCare to an iPhone. In my experience extended warranties are a waste of money unless you're a total klutz. In the 14 years I've owned a cell phone I've never broken (beyond repair) or lost one. I scratched one, and cracked the screen on another. Total repair costs in 14 years - $80. Total I would have spent on insurance premiums? Probably in the thousands.
    You're better off putting the insurance money into a "just in case I'm an idiot and break my phone" account.
  3. blevins321 macrumors 68030

    Dec 24, 2010
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    You can still add the AppleCare to your iPhone 4. The previous poster mentioning the 30-day limit is for the accidental damage protection offered by AppleCare+. However, the original non-accident AppleCare is still available within the first year. It'll allow you another year of phone support and hardware coverage for the iPhone in case it fails on its own.

    Another benefit of AppleCare is that they offer you an advance replacement by Fedex instead of having to either visit an Apple Store or send your phone off for evaluation first. It's very handy, and mine's been replaced by them with this method before.

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