iPhone 4 flashlight stuck on!

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    Jul 12, 2014
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    iPhone 4 recently submerged briefly in water. Immediately dried off, powered down and placed in rice (I'm in a healthcare hostage situation with a badly broken right/"driver's" leg) and that was my only viable option..... all apps seemed to be working normally except for the LED/camera light which I notice has remained in various degrees of lamination... not sure if it dims or not. I'm not very iPhone savvy but did get to the point of switching from video and trying to turn off the flash which did NOT resolve issue. Also did reset from "settings"... again, nothing. Also did home + "off"... light stayed on. Is there anything else I can try short of waiting for LED to burn out and buy new phone? Any recs on new phone? I'm obviously not a huge tech geek but want something reliable... I'm a disabled veteran with major health issues and this leg broke spontaneously while I was walking out to get mail... didn't have phone on person because it's kind of bulky to carry which is how it ended up in the toilet! Please assist!
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    Its going to take a pretty long time for it to burn out. Your battery is going to be the thing to worry about. Try backing up to iCloud then erase all content and settings and log back in and such. Just follow this video exactly. Hope that fixes it :)


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