iPhone 4 Fresh restore tips!

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  1. padfoot07 macrumors newbie

    Mar 25, 2011
    Hey guys!

    I just restored my iPhone 4 after accidentally stuffing up a few settings :S
    But that is all behind me now, and i am holding a fresh 4.2.1 device with no info on it.

    I have a variety of backups to choose from, but i don't really want to restore from a backup since i had a crap load of jailbroken stuff that i don't want to bring across with me this time.

    So, my question is, is there any way i can extract my contacts (maybe messages, notes and photos but that doesn't really matter) to my PC, and to then import them to my iPhone, thus leaving the jailbroken part of the backup behind?

    Any ideas/programs/thoughts/previous experiences with this would be great!

  2. JamesMB macrumors 68000


    Jan 2, 2011
    If you set your phone up as a "New" phone, the first time you sync, you will be asked if you want to "Merge" your contacts. Select yes!
    The notes should also be on the PC with your contacts, if you have been syncing them with iTunes. If you didn't have notes, and contacts selected to sync in iTunes, you are sol.

    The photos "should" also be backed up on your PC, in your photo albums, and can be synced back to the phone by selecting the albums in iTunes. If the photos were in the camera roll of the phone, and you restored as new, they are gone. FWIW, it is not a good idea to store photos in the camera roll of the phone.

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