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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by bushypark, Nov 29, 2010.

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    Nov 29, 2010
    Hello everyone im new to the forum..

    Ok ive been trying to sort out this new iphone 4 i got as a present for the last two weeks. Im going to lay out everythng really clearly because its confusing.

    I got the iphone and was told it was sim free so when i put my sim in it said put a sim in without a pin code but then it let me put the sim code in.

    After i put the code in it said connect to itunes as normal.

    when i conneted to itunes it said a message along the lines of " not a supported carrier"

    So i finally decided to jailbreak the phone and hacktivated it using limerain then jailbroke with cydia. (i also clicked the make my life easier button)

    after all this the phone still had no signal so i called my carrier and they said the sim is perfect.

    After all this i found a piece of paper in the box seemingly form a store which read "invalid sim sim not being read" (the store is in a different country so i cant just go down)

    this got me thinking the phone has a hardware problem so i went to an iphone "specialist" who said he doesnt think its the hardware the problem was i ddnt jailbreak it with the original sim card being in the phone.

    after getting fed upwit it all i decided to call apple and I thought i should erase everything on the phone and bring it back to the way it was out of the box with it not being able to activate it.

    little did i know my phone would get bricked.

    so i got the ireb v4.0 to get it bakc and it worked howeer now when i connect it to the itunes it says you must recover it which will also upgrade the firmware form my current 4.0.2 to the 4.2.1 os which i dont want to do because the phone may actually be locked to a carrier and if i upgrade it to 4.2.1 i wont be able to jailbreak it.

    Please someone give me some help because i have tried so many things including the recboot, the procedure where you downgrade your firmware by changing the host file (and you remove the .txt extension) in the etc file. also i have done everything perfectly but to no avail.

    I would love someone to tell me what to do just to get my phone working but if not if someone could tell me how to get the phone back to its original settings without upgrading the firmware that woud be great.

    I have worked my socks off trying to get it working and i hope you can tell because a few weeks ago i wouldnt have the faintest idead about jailbreaking or anyting about iphone.

    Its a long thread but just wanted to get all the info together. Thanks

  2. WhatAmI macrumors 6502a


    Sep 2, 2009
    before it crashed completely on you, where you able to see what Model Number was specified (Settings-General-About)? This will basically tell you to which operator it's currently locked to

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