iphone 4 - I'm a convert !

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bandofbrothers, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Oct 14, 2007
    Hi all,

    Purchased my ip4 a little over two weeks ago and what an awesome device it is.

    I was a Nokia user for so many years and after buying a new handset the first thing i'd have to do was turn this off, turn that down, limit that, to stop battery drain to get a full days heavy usage !

    With my ip4 all ive needed to do really is set the brightness down and set e mails to be pushed every hour ! I know their are more tweaks I could do to save a little more battery, but in the end I want the handset to give me its full potential.

    Obviously wifi and bluetooth when and where needed.

    I use the fone heavily with lots of net use, texts and calls and easily get over a days usage.

    I recently used the Nokia n8 and when trying to access the internet it frequently just hung, even with full signal and strong 3g connection. Kinda embarrassing when your trying to show someone something on the net. I lost faith in the unit, and was not willing to wait for the anna update.

    Thats when I started to look at alternatives such as apple and android etc.

    Ive only one complaint about my iphone 4.....

    I cant stop tweaking it and adding apps....... and I just cant put it down !!

    Yup im definitley a convert !
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    Mar 18, 2010
    Glad to hear about good experience.

    It's a shame about Nokia, though. Top notch hardware with a stoneage operating system.
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    Oct 14, 2007


    Examples in my experience are :

    Purchased the Nokia n900 with maemo which Nokia dropped.

    Nokia n8 with symbian 3 which Nokia are dropping.

    New to be released handsets with meego which Nokia wont keep on supporting, because of the venture with Microsoft with a wp7 fone.

    I'm not interested in software updates for 18 months after release and then thats it, no more features, just patches.

    Kinda lost faith !

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