iPhone 4 - Impressions after 9 hours

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Travisimo, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Got the phone this morning at Best Buy. Tested and confirmed the reception issue on the way home by holding the phone with my left hand touching side and bottom. No problems with right-hand holding or left hand when not connected left and bottom areas. Bought a Griffin Slimfit case at Best Buy and it's actually pretty decent - much like a bumper but also with a clear plastic backing that protects the back of the phone. No receptions problems at all with the case on.

    Overall 3G reception is pretty much the same as my 3GS everywhere I've been today. In areas where 3G reception was low, it is still low on the iPhone 4. In areas where reception is good, it's still good. ;-)

    I've had the phone on since 8am and it is now 5pm. My battery started out at 95% and is now down to 56% and I've been using it all day. I've been taking pics, videos, Internet, a few phone calls, GPS, etc to try everything out. Overall impressed with battery life, especially since I didn't start at 100%.

    Screen is fantastic! No yellowing, resolution is very noticeably better, seems brighter with better contrast. iOS 4 is very responsive. The phone is very speedy in everything you do.

    Photo quality is still poor in low light (grainy). Not really any worse than a cheap point & shoot, but not a great low-light performer either. Haven't tried flash yet. Pics in decent light are excellent. Video quality is good in low light. Rolling shutter is a little annoying when you are jerky with the phone or pan back and forth a lot. 720p is nice to have on a phone!

    The couple people I talked to said they definitely noticed improved audio quality during conversations. I haven't got to try Facetime yet, because no one else I know has the iPhone 4 yet.

    Am I glad I bought it? You bet! Am I a bit annoyed by the reception issue without a case? Yes, but I'm hopeful that Apple with address it other than just telling people to use a bumper! I will always have a case on anyway, but it's still annoying to know there's a problem when the phone is naked.

    I think the iPhone 4 is a great upgrade and will definitely be my phone of choice for at least the next year!

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