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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by xrtzx, Aug 12, 2010.

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    hi macrumors,

    i'm planning to travel to the states for a few months and want to purchase then use an iphone 4 over there. first question is, i've have noticed canada sell the iphone 4 outright with the prices for the 16gb and 32gb, CAD659 and CAD779 according to the canadian apple online store, respectively. of course, i can't order online because i don't know of anyone close who resides in canada so i will have to purchase it in store. i know that they charge a tax either gst or hst, so does that online price include tax or not? If not what would be the ball park or better still the exact figure (this is state dependent aswell?)? And can the tax be refunded when you depart the country - unlike the states where the tax goes towards the states?

    finally, i plan on staying in pennsylvania, i've done a search of the best plans that include voice, message and data and i have found the following

    1) AT&T $59.99/m
    2) T-mobile unlimited is also $59.99/m (but limited to edge speeds)
    3) I-Wireless (T-Mobile affiliate) which offers the same features as T-Mobile for $10 cheaper

    are there any better options or any suggestions such as just getting voice and message and rely on free wifi? apparently it is available in most places is that correct?

    merci beaucoup

    ps. i'm from aus where an outright iphone 4 costs $859 for 16gb and 999 for 32gb, but i can get a tax refund which is less 10%
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