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    Oct 31, 2008
    I just purchased the new iPhone 4 and I am looking at insurance companies incase something happens to it. My biggest concern is dropping and shattering the glass casing that surround the phone. I talked to my AT&T retailer and they recommended MobileProtect but they seem to be insanely expensive. I purchased my iPhone for $199 and if you break it they charge you $199. Then I was looking at SquareTrade and they seem better with it only be $50 to have them fix it. Finally I was looking at Safeware and I really didn't get too much information of their site but they had high reviews. What do you reccomend me getting and what is the best?

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    Jun 8, 2010
    I'm in the same boat as you bro! :apple:

    I am really considering Squaretrade but there code has expired but I read they do these codes all the time so I will wait for another if I do purchase through them.

    Toseed around Mobileprotect but the price seems high and really the only other advantage from there warranty and Squaretrade is mobileprotect covers your phone is lost or stolen and S.T. does not so there seems to be an advantage there but not sure about 7 dollars more a month for that advantage.

    Looked up safeware and its seems pretty good as well with a good price tag but I need to pay monthly payments and they dont have that option, my quote was for 100 bucks plus 8 bucks in some state fees or something so I was gonna have to fork out $108 right then and there. No Monthly payment option.... Then I guess that counts that one out for me.

    I think ultimately with the good reviews and when I get another code Squaretrade... which I hear takes the monthly payment down to around $4.50 or so then I think I will jump on that. That way I dont have to worry about water damage or my screen cracking and etc. but just have to be careful not to lose it is all.

    Hope we get some more feedback on what the best option is... havent seen much on mobileprotect so hopefully we get some good feedback on that as well so we can make our decision.
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    Oct 20, 2008
    bump this thread.

    how does squaretrade work? will they cover broken glass back???

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