iPhone 4 Jailbreak - Guide to get Cydia wk'ing on 4.2 Issues Using Hack

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    I've been jailbreaking my iPhone since the very first model, and I stopped since jailbreakme.com came out. I read on the iPhone Dev Blog and redsn0w that the iPhone 4 can be jailbroken, using 4.1 as the IPSW and the jailbreak simply reverts back to 4.2 or now 4.2.1 tethered.

    I've been able to jailbreak it, and SSH into the device, but I cannot seem to get Cydia up and running with the hacks. I know Saurik hasn't ported it for 4.2.x yet, but there is a documented way to get it functional with a patch.

    How to Patch & Install Cydia on iOS 4.2.1 After Redsn0w Jailbreak [Guide]

    The problem I am having is here:

    There is no subdirectory /Cydia_ so I cannot move forward. Also, how do you load an app via SSH? Copy the IPA through a tethered connection in Cyberduck?

    Thanks guys, I don't have time to weed through the forums as I have 1000+ family pics to scan and a ton of holiday shizz. I know it's a LONG post but I'm doing this for a friend as a gift and I could use the help. THANKS! :)
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