iphone 4 locked on its own

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  1. Ace Bigalow macrumors newbie

    Jul 30, 2011
    N.E. Georgia
    o.k., so the last thing I remember doing is going to the restroom and had my phone with me. Then I put it in my pocket and went to bedroom and took out phone and plugged into charger and set it on the nightstand. Well about an hour later I picked up my phone and it was asking for a passcode. I do not lock my phones. never have.

    So now I am waiting on my phone to finish synching from having to do a complete restore. Bad thing is that I installed about 20 apps since I last connected to itunes (they were free, but still)

    My question is, I know when I have put my phone in my pocket before that it has went to a webpage or started an app because maybe the screen was pressed, but how in the heck could it have set up a passcode? I havent installed any apps today, the only thing I did do out of the ordinary was take 2 pictures and then upload those pics. to my laptop.

    Could an app have caused this to happen? I think I said this already, but it is an iphone 4. I just dont want it to happen again because maybe I wont get so lucky with the restore and lose everything. Also next time I upload a bunch of apps I am syncing up so it will be current.

    If anyone has any thoughts then please advise.... Thanks..

    *P.S., this is my first post (<----Noob :p) Site looks cool and lots of info. I will be in and out..... Nice to be here. Hope to meet most of you and will probably regret meeting some of you. Lulz.
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    Your old apps will be available for free to redownload. Just go to the Updates screen and you'll see Purchased.

    Was it jailbroken?
  3. Ace Bigalow thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 30, 2011
    N.E. Georgia
    Found out that somehow MobileMe had locked it. I got an email a little too late saying that my phone locked at my request using my passcode. Well I think I had to set up a passcode with mobileme and I did that last week, but I havent been on that app since. Guess it must have started when it was in my pocket.....

    Anyway, I was able to get everything back to July 14th..... So I am missing some messages, emails and apps, but nothing catastrophic. Could have definitely been a lot worse.
  4. bandofbrothers macrumors 601


    Oct 14, 2007
    To lock your iphone 4 using mobile me and find my iphone you would have to log either on a pc or mac or by an app on another iphone and log in using your apple id.

    Then you can find your phone on a map, send it a message, lock it and wipe it.

    Nothing on your own iphone should have instigated this type of lock out.

    Maybe you somehow went into general settings and hit the password lock.
    A password is not preset like with phones such as Nokia. The iphone lets you set a code when your first instigate the lock !

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