IPHONE 4 loud buzzing while talking

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    Jun 28, 2011
    so my iphone has recently developed a problem, whenever i talk to someone on the phone, there is an extremely loud buzzing noise, however, when i turn the speakerphone on then the buzz goes away, anyone experience the same thing or have any solutions? i've only had the phone for about 7 months...and i did not drop it anytime recently either
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    Feb 14, 2014
    iPhone 4 loud buzzing while talking

    A friend had exactly the same issue with his iPhone 4 GSM (A1332) & gave to me to see if I could fix for him. I had never experienced or heard of this symptom or fault before and there was nothing I could see on the net about how to fix the problem, although I saw many other posts of users that had the same issue!
    The symptom is with the audio during Making or Receiving Cell phone calls and I would describe this sound as way more than a loud buzzing noise but more like an air horn or trumpet blasting away during the call! And this sound is heard by both parties and voice is totally in-audible. It is interesting & true as xxamoxx said in original post, that the problem goes away when call is transferred to speaker phone or Hands free, or when used on any Bluetooth hands free device I found.
    After allot more searching on the net, I found one little comment on some other Forum about a possible fix for this problem and this was to replace the complete docking port & PCB – ribbon cable.
    NB, the Mic is attached to the docking port PCB so I thought this could be a feasible solution and the replacement dock unit is only £4 from the net.
    I replace the charging – sync dock connector / PCB and now the phone works perfectly! It indeed does cure the problem :D This was a new one to me.
    See link below on how to do.

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