iPhone 4 Mic not working during calls only?

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    Aug 25, 2009
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    Hello, I bought my iPhone 4 August 1st of last year. Heres what happened and hopefully someone can help me if not lead me in the right direction.

    2 weeks ago I had my phone in my back pocket and sat on it, it shattered the screen and the microphone wouldnt work. So I took it to a local shop to get it fixed and we tested the phone EVERYTHING worked fine. On my way home I went to make a call and next thing I know nobody can hear me, I can hear them fine, so I plugged in my earpiece and nothing, nobody can hear me. I figured I would see if a voice memo would record and it did so working perfectly. I got a phone call yesterday and decided what the hell I will see if it is working and it worked perfectly fine, of course it hasnt worked since.

    I went to the Apple store and was told it was a 2 1/2 hour wait and I had to make an appointment which I honestly simply do not have time for. Can anyone help me so I can get my phone working please?:cool:
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    Nov 4, 2011

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