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    Aug 12, 2011
    Since my problem has many layers, I created a new thread

    I have a couple problems with my new iPhone and both have to do with the use of the iPod feature

    Here is my information:

    iPhone 4 Model MC677LL (Verizon)

    running version 4.2.10 (iTunes tells me that it is up to date)

    Firmware 1.0.06


    Dell Studio 1747
    Intel Core i5 @ 2.4 Ghz
    197 GB of free HD space

    Let me first say I have tried Restoring the iPhone twice, and the exact same problems persist. My Iphone has 14GB of space remaining, and there are 86 songs on the playlist i am discussing

    The problem is 2 fold. First, I have the "no content" bug that I have read about in several forums, and running the suggested fix of playing a song while syncing does seem to allow the songs to be added to my library on the phone.

    However this leads to my second problem. I notice that when I do get the songs on my iphone, the artwork is totally off, and the images are split into several different "sections" showing snippits of different album covers. I also find that the songs on the iPhone will only play around 20 seconds or so, and then goes to the next song. The library also seems to ignore songs on the list entirely in many cases.

    I also notice that the music folder displayed under iPhone within iTunes program has issues with many songs. I notices this when running the "no content" bug fix (ie, playing a song while syncing). Some songs do not play at all when i double click on them, and others will start a few seconds into a song.

    When I play these same songs from the original iTunes folder to which the iPhone is syncing to, they all play absolutely fine. They also play fine on my 8G iPod, which i have syncing to the exact same folder that i have the iPhone syncing to.

    Since there are so many levels to my problems I created a new post. Any information anyone might have regarding all of this would be great, since if I need to get a new phone, I would like to do so before my warrenty is up. Thanks for the help.
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    As far as the the album work you sure the pictures of your iTunes library are full photos? and another thing, version 4.3.5 has been released.. so if iTunes is telling you that your phone is up to date with 4.2.. theres clearly something wrong.

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