iPhone 4 multiple problems... help!

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    Early this morning I found out the battery on my iPhone had drained drastically throughout the night to about 2%. After washing up, the phone died completely. "Okay, just charge it," I thought. After charging to about 4%, the iPhone came back to life, however that's where things began to go wrong.

    1. No sound. AT ALL. It's like the speaker had totally disappeared. Yes, I have ensured that I am on ringing mode. I can't hear calls, the other party is unable to hear me.

    2. iPod refuses to play! When I tap the play button under the special bar when you enable multi-task, titles of different songs just flash across below the play button and no music is played. Zilch. Zero!

    3. Camera cannot be loaded. It keeps getting stuck under the video mode.

    4. Videos, both transferred and recorded by the camera, cannot be played! It says, "this movie cannot be played".

    5. Voice memo says and I quote, "No microphone detected". It's like the entire bottom part of my phone is missing!

    And yes, I have rebooted, reset the phone (even by holding the home + lock until the Apple logo appears), restored 3 times and every other thing you can possible think of.

    What do I do now?

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    I'd call AppleCare and tell them about the issues you're having.

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