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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jimbo1mcm, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Mar 21, 2010
    I had Google Navigation on my Droid X and it was VERY good. Being able to enter a voice command for a destination was nice and it was a very accurate voice recognition program, usually bringing up the destination on the first try. And it gave me turn by turn instructions via voice. Of course, using it in the car really ate up the battery but it was excellent. And it was free on Android. I have read reports that people like Navigon, an app that costs around $50 with maps that are not totally up to date with the Places of Interest. There are reports that Apple is developing a Navigation app.( probably not free). I did try the MapQuest program from the app store yesterday and it is not bad at all. It is a free app and gives voice instructions for turn by turn. If we could get Google Navigation on the IP4, with voice input it would be nice, but for now, the Mapquest is not bad.
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    I thought that the problem with Google Navigation was the fact that there were no built-in maps? So you have to have a good 3G connection, otherwise youo can't see where you are. No?
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    I had a droidx myself and enjoyed the the google navigation app. One issue was that the maps were not stored locally, so you had to have a data connection to be able to use it. Parts of New Hampshire was a little tricky because of this when I used it last summer.

    Anyways since moving to the iPhone 4, I did a lot of searching and research about the best app. What I found was that tom tom and navigon are the highest reviewed and best rated. Both are hefty in that the maps are downloaded to your phone.

    I opted for Navigon because it offers the best in features and UI. I've not regretted this decision one bit. In case using the google navigation had me driving all over the place, I took the same trip with navigon and it was a straight shot to my destination. I recommend it highly.

    Do a search, here and google. You'll get lots of information if you search the iPhone apps forum here, as there are a number of threads already on navigation apps.
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    I thought the MapQuest app was very good for a free app as well, though I wish it worked in landscape orientation.

    But I use Navigon primarily. At first I bought only the US East Coast regional version, but as I've travelled over the past year, ended up buying the other 2 regions as I needed them.

    I love how Navigon integrates Google search and easy access to my contacts. That saves a lot of typing out addresses.

    Regardless, I would still love to see Apple make a native nav app for the iPhone.
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    Same here i had a droid incredible. I purchased the tomtom app on sale. I find it works well and i'm as happy with it as i was with the google navigation. I have used it along side my stand alone tomtom unit and they are never different.

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