Iphone 4 (never jailbroken) suddenly turned off and wouldn't turn on...

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    So before I left to the gym today I charged my phone up and had it up to 90%. While I'm doing my workout and browsing Facebook, I lookup up at the gyms TV and started watching what was on. I look down and my phone had turned off. I thought to myself, man that was a quick drain from 90%. I couldn't believe it, so I tried turning on my phone and there was no power showing at all. After several attempts I just gave up. So I get to my car and connect it to the charger and drove for about 10-15 minutes, usually when the phone dies out from the battery it would turn back on after a few minutes of it being plugged in. Well it took longer then usual, so I started to think something is really wrong. So I pushed the power button and started to push all the buttons and all the sudden the apple logo turns on (while still being connected to the charger). Even when the apple logo turned on it took longer then usual to get to the home screen. So eventually the battery logo pops up because it was still connected and what do you know it shows it was at 67% which is what it should have been at when it first turned off at the gym. What the hell happened? Why did it turn off and wouldn't turn on and when it did, it showed more then half of a charge? So it never was out of battery from the get go. I've never experienced this and had my phone from launch along with the same case. Any idea?
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    If that ever happens again, hold the home and power buttons until the phone reboots.
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    this happened to me once too, when i was at work. i was freaking out but when i got home i just plugged in my iphone and held power + home together and it came back up

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