iPhone 4 no boot problem.. :(

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    Nov 12, 2012
    very new to here so Hi to all. :D

    right I'm new to here but not to the iPhone i have had an iphone since the release of the 3g.. im currently on the iPhone 4 and my partner is also on the iphone 4 .. but she bought a 3rd party charger for her iphone and the other day it went bang! now the iphone wont turn on..

    not good.. i know.. well i have tried all the shorcut commands and connections i know, which is alot.. i have also now taken her iphone apart on removed the battery and replaced it with mine.. (mine fully working) now once the battery was in hers it still did not boot but her battery did boot mine.. so that rules the battery out.. so now im stuck.. does anyone have any other ideas to try before i write this phone off ? any thing else i could try or check would be appreciated ? she has alot of pictures on her phone of the kids and would hate to loose them so any ideas as well of retrieving the data if all else fails ?

    cheers for any help.. ;)
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    Nov 12, 2012
    Try this...

    I'm posting here because I hope this helps you, and I hope it helps others who have the same problem.

    I had the same symptoms, and I'll add that my phone would turn on if I plugged it into a wall charger or my car charger, and it usually would be OK reception-wise as well--but, again, only if it was plugged into a wall or my car charger and not if it was plugged into my computer. It also wouldn't sync, couldn't be restored, etc. etc. I've been through gargantuan amounts of headache over the last few days--not to mention missed business opportunities, embarrassments... lemme stop.

    No, I'm gonna add one more thing... The thieves at the Apple store, some of whom are arrogant, condescending thieves, were NO help. OK, I understand they are good people who only believe what the higher ups tell them, but if that's the case, they're being told GARbage.

    Sorry. Try taking off the back of the phone again, and make sure the plate that connects the battery to the rest of the phone is very well situated in its harness. I took a picture of it for you. Now if I can just figure out how to put that pic in here... [​IMG] I'm sure that didn't work, so I just added it as an attachment. (photo (37)) And, in case that doesn't work, I'm going to add another attachment of the other thing I adjusted. It's a screw that held down a metal loop near the top of the phone. (photo (38)).

    In my case, the battery just wasn't powering the rest of the phone. That would explain why your battery worked in your partner's phone. I sincerely hope this works for you. If it doesn't, double check all connectors that could possibly be bringing juice from your battery to the rest of your phone. And since you're handy and have already voided your warranty, I'd suggest finding replacement parts--if you can diagnose a problem part--instead of just going to the Apple store to buy a new phone for $150.

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    Nov 12, 2012
    hi thanks for the response however i think you misread my post :(

    after putting my working battery into her phone it still did nothing.. and is situated correctly.. her battery worked fine in my phone as well which confirmed that her battery was not the problem..

    i'm thinking that there is something else.. and also possibly something has blown from when the 3rd party charger that went bang..

    as her phone was working fine before she put it on charge.. and then not after the charger went bang... but i ruled out the possibility of the battery being shot as it works fine in my phone... :confused:

    and as for the warranty i don't think she has that any more as she has had the phone for a long time now..

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