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Jul 23, 2009
hello everyone. tonight i noticed i had no data on my phone when i tried to access the internet, i thought nothing of it and thought maybe it was just bad signal or the tower. since then ive gone 45 miles away from my original location and still no data. theres no 3g icon or E on the status bar.

jailbroke iphone 4 6.1
on straight talk.

so far i have tried.
hard reseting it multiple times.
power off power on.
boot to safe mode.
reset network settings.
turning data on and off.
deleting my apn info and re-entering it.
pretty much all of that tons of times.

today i ran icleaner with the same settings i always use so i dont think that could be the issue. nothing new from cydia has been installed lately.

any ideas? i dont want to have to restore the phone and loose my jailbreak


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Oct 24, 2012
They should be open now. Reply back with an update. Also you sure your balance hasn't run out?
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