iPhone 4 - No service screen replacement issues =(

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  1. SSmoked macrumors newbie

    Jul 12, 2010
    Well I tried searching but had no luck finding an answer for my problem. I have an AT&T iPhone 4 and I attempted to replace the screen myself. All went well for the most part but apparently I got a defective screen and lost a couple screws. Also I had no/very weak service. I called one of the many iPhone 'professionals' to fix my mistake. So they just replaced the screen and lost screws and I still have no service. The guy told me I'm sol and he won't fix it.. pretty much.

    So I put a new wifi/speaker assembly in with no change. Just wondering what the other possabilities are. I noticed they did not put one of the 4 corner band screws in. The one next to the camera to be exact. He assured me it wasn't that though.

    Everything on the phone works as it should. I just get no service and wifi will connect and show full strength but with safari open it will not load anything. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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    Jul 12, 2010
    I just wanted to update that I got the phone working and am using it now. I took the phone apart and removed the screen. Cleaned all connectors lightly with windex and put all the screws back in properly. Service is good and so is the wifi.
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    Jul 27, 2011
    With your experience, maybe you can help me identify this blob?

    Maybe you can help me identify what this blob is on my iPhone screen?

    More pictures are in this unanswered thread:
    - Request advice on what causes this odd-shaped bubble or space under iPhone 3G screen

    Do you think a new screen will solve these problems?

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