iPhone 4 not detected in stereo (used to work)

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    Oct 12, 2011
    I've searched high and low for an answer on this query but honestly can't seem to find anything about it on any forum as my issues seems to be quite unique! Your help is really appreciated, thank you.

    I have a Sony car stereo with an iPhone/iPod connector. You plug your iPhone/iPod in and you can navigate to the song you want via your faceoff stereo.

    About 3 months ago, it stopped working all of a sudden. This is what happens: I plug it in, and it charges my iPhone... it then says "IPD NO SPPRT" on the stereo. However, it allows me to play songs if I navigate to them on my device.

    What would normally happpen is this: I would plug it in and my iPhone would say "Accessory Connected" and not let me navigate through the music. It would then allow me to navigate through my stereo - which it what is meant to happen!

    I thought it was the cable that had the problem but I tried my friends iPhone 4 (iOS 5) yesterday and hers works.

    I have taken the following steps to try and resolve my problem:

    cleaned the input in the iPhone
    taken music off and put it back on
    shut down every app, restarted

    I've run out of ideas. I hope someone can help make my iPhone work with accessories!!!
    Using iOS5 btw.
    Also, the stereo is compatible with iPhone as per the stereo manual
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    Oct 12, 2011
    600 views and not one reply? Guess everyone is as confused as me on this error then?

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