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    I have always synced my iPhone with my MacBook Pro. I recently started plugging it into my PC to play songs. The second time I did it the music wasn't showing up. When I clicked on the iPhone tab.

    I have an iPhone 4. The current version is 4.2.1 (8C148). (Note: The problem started when I still had the 4.2.0 update 2 days before the release of 4.2.1)

    It showed me the following...

    Obviously this was on my PC and not on my mac but it had the exact same screen. (Running Windows 7 64 bit /iTunes 10)

    I figured it was just a glitch, so I plugged my iPhone back into my Mac to make sure it was okay. Same result.

    My Phone worked fine it just gave me that screen every time I tried to sync. (I restarted my phone, laptop and did the restart where you hold the home button and lock)

    I just ignored the problem then when the new update came out I tried to sync it again, same problem. iTunes prompted me to download and install the update so I did, (Thinking it might solve the problem) still nothing. Except now my ringtones, music and movies are gone.

    I also restored it to the most current back-up that I have done and it left it at the same state it is now.

    Tonight when I synced my phone again and restarted it while it was plugged in all of a sudden my music and movies are back; still no ringtones.


    Note: I do not want to do a new phone setup. Since I would lose all my saved app data. (At least I don't want to risk it)

    If you have any ideas on what the problem could be please let me know! :) Any help would be appreciated!

    Additional Info:
    iPhone 4 16 GB
    Mac OS X Version: 10.6.5
    iTunes is consolidated to an external hard drive

    The iPhone memory dates back to my iPhone 1st Gen. which was jailbroken and unlocked to be used in Canada.
    Then got iPhone 3G when that came out in Canada and it has not been jailbroken since.

    If you need more information I would be glad to get it for you.


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