Iphone 4 on IOS5 and Lion OS on Imac icloud sync

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    my iphone 4 has around 1600 contacts and i am using Icloud sync while syncing the contacts. This is supposed to keep my Imac and my Iphone synced properly always. But my Imac Address has only 1349 contacts.. which means that the Contacts which I have added through my Iphone is not syncing with the Contacts on my Imac. Where have I gone wrong? Kindly help
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    Just to be clear. Your iPhone does not directly Sync with your Mac, it Syncs with iCloud which you can see at www.icloud.com. And then your Mac (and other devices) Sync with iCloud which you can again see at www.icloud.com. So to solve this you need to verify that your contacts are on www.icloud.com. If they are you can reload any of your devices from there. I have not reloaded my Mac so not positive about the steps but I have reload my iPhone and from there I just stop Contact Sync and I believe it prompts to delete all on my phone which I accept and then I restart and it reloads. So extremely important to make sure www.icloud.com is accurate. Assuming iCould has all of the contacts you may try to add a contact to your Mac and see if that triggers a Sync.
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    Thanks for the help.. I did as you told me and deleted the contact on my mac and later synced with iCloud.. it worked


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