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    Nov 26, 2013
    hi everyone..just dropped my iphone 4 in the sink. i dried it up and brought it to my technician...he tried to dry all the parts inside the phone and turned it on...at first it was fine...everything worked as usual and suddenly the battery just died...so we replaced the battery with a new one and now..when u turn it on..the apple logo would come up and after 30 seconds or so it would go to recovery mode...can anyone please help me with this and is there anybody there who can actually say my phone will be back and running again...
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    Nov 26, 2013
    version issue on iphone

    hi again...i just want to continue on my last post here...so now, the problem is the version of my phone which is 4.3.3..yes it is obsolete and since my phone is stuck in recovery mode..the technician couldnt restore it because they dont have the program anymore for 4.3.3!! and thats really bad news for me...the only option he gave me is to replace the motherboard which obviously is very scarce here. the other option is he can make my iphone work but...not as a phone but as an ipod!!!! hahahaha..silly!!! so now my problem goes to finding a replacement for my motherboard..can anyone suggest where i can find one? thanks a lot
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    Which iPhone is it? A 3G? The 3G's last iOS was 4.2.1 not sure what 4.3.3 is.

    Just let iTunes upgrade to whatever it thinks your iPhone needs.

    Ahh your original post just showed up. The only iOS Apple is signing for the iPhone 4 is 7.x
    Since you drowned your iPhone (this is more often than not fatal to the iPhone's electronics) your best bet might be a OoW replacement from Apple.
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    Nov 28, 2013
    macbook pro & iphone

    Hi im new to this sorry not sure how to post properly, my problem is when i connect my 4s to my mac it says it don't recognise my 4s anyone got any ideas thanks

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