iPhone 4 only charges with iPod cable?!?


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Jan 3, 2011
Somerset, UK
Okay I have an iPhone 4 (My 3rd since July 2010) and all has been working fine until my iPhone cable stopped working. I found the cable that belonged with my old iPod Classic so resorted to using that to sync, and charge with the adaptor.

I have been doing so for several months. Until my iPhone started running out of battery at a friends. He also has an iPhone 4 so had a charger ready. I plugged it in and nothing happened.... He plugged his iPhone in and it charged..

Took it home and my cable charged it fine..

Then at my Dad's, his iPhone charger wouldn't do it either but his iPod one did.

So just for safe measure i tried ANOTHER iPhone cable and nothing...

Not the end of the world but DAMN annoying when your AppleCare warranty has run out for stupid little things like this. Most households now have an iPhone cable. I'm currently running iOS5 tethered jailbreak so my iPhone going dead is a bit irritating as most of you would probably know! :p


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Oct 4, 2009
Needs a new dock connector. Cost is £40 but I operate in Hampshire. You must have a local repairer somewhere.


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