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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by monkey52892, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Within the next month, my current cell phone plan will expire from verizon and I will be left with many options. Unfortunately, purchasing an iPhone 4 from verizon will have a monthly cost that is out of my budget, but I still want to have an iPhone.

    So my overall plan would be to purchase the T-Mobile data-only webconnect plan with 4g technology and use the sim card in an iPhone.

    (Yes, I will take the leap with a data only phone; using my google talk number and gizmo5 for VOIP, either that or try out Talkatone. Texting will be done through the google voice app). Data coverage is not an issue as I live in a Boston.

    So my question is: would it be smarter to purchase an iPhone 4 (with no 4g/ HSPA+ capabilities) or wait for the iPhone 5 (assuming it will have 4g/HSPA+ capabilities) and buy an iPhone 3gs in the mean time?
    Is the wait for 4g really worth it?

    Thanks for the responses! :)
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    The iPhone 4 would likely support HSPA+, however that won't affect you. Reason being, the iPhone doesn't support the 1,700MHz frequency which T-Mobile uses for 3G. Even know you would be stuck on EDGE all the time which would really suck. Your best option of you want an iPhone would be to wait it out and see if Apple will ever support that frequency. A better option if you can't wait would be either to get a different phone or just buy a portable Mifi. Virgins '4G' seems affordable and does not require a contract commitment, it's $40 for 5GB's of data.

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