iPhone 4 personal hotspot feature and connected devices

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  1. jent macrumors 6502a


    Mar 31, 2010
    Does anybody know if an iPhone 4 connected to another iPhone 4 or an iPad acting as a wifi hotspot will intuitively know that the source connection is 3G and that the wifi connection is only really a bridge? I ask because I personally don't want to jailbreak my iPhone 4, yet I'd love to know if this workaround lets me make FaceTime calls since I would technically be connected to wifi.

    I understand that I can achieve this easily through jailbreaking, but I'm more interested if Apple will build in support against this tactic or if it will work. Feel free to share your thoughts, and once the CDMA iPhone 4 is out (and/or iOS 4.3 brings it to the GSM iPhone if AT&T supports it) please try it out yourself and let us all know. Thanks!
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    Jun 20, 2010
    Once the iPhone recognizes a Wifi connection then it allows FaceTime to work.

    For jailbreakers there are programs like My3G which tricks FaceTime (and other programs) into thinking that there is an active WiFi connection when your phone is simply connected to a 3G connection and not Wifi.

    But for non-jailbreakers it does not matter what type of Wifi connection you have, once there is a Wifi connection the device that is connected to it will allow FaceTime. The iPhone that is broadcasting the Wifi hotspot will not make or accept FaceTime requests.

    draz's iPhone is broadcasting a Wifi hotspot
    jent's iPhone connects to draz's iPhone hotspot.

    jent's iPhone is allowed to use FaceTime, but draz's iPhone does not allow FaceTime
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    Yes, if you're connected to another iphone 4 thru the wifi hotspot then you could make facetime calls.
    It wont be able to tell its using the other iphones 3G connection. All it knows is its connected to a wifi and FaceTime will work as normal.

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