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    Both? You can't actually increase the pixel count, because it's a hardware limit, so from that side it's absolutely bunk. There are software 'tricks' you can do to increase the pixels in the image though - I've done quite a bit of research on this for a past project. Some of them can increase the image size with quite good quality, which can be genuinely useful at times. Some of the methods I've come across:

    - Just stretching the image. It gets blurry as it gets bigger. Any app that uses this method is just garbage.

    - Take several photos from slightly different angles/positions, and combine them. The results from this can be seriously good, but it's hard, and I've not heard of an iOS app using this technique :(

    - Various ways of stretching the image and filling in the 'gaps' between the pixels. Results vary (but can be pretty good), but in any case the app has no way of knowing what details the camera didn't capture, and has to basically guess. I suspect all the iOS apps use this technique.

    I suggest looking at the developer's sites for *real world* before and after photos, and if possible find some real world examples from real users. It's quite easy to enhance a picture with lots of sharp lines and little detail, but it's very hard to enhance a real photo with lots of small details, skin textures and so on. The screenshots on those two apps make me suspicious ;)

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    Also look for *real* 3rd party reviews. And keep in mind that fake reviews can be purchased for the app store. That 8.0 megapixel app looks pretty iffy to me - the screenshots look amazing (a lot more amazing than I think is actually possible!) and the reviews on the store don't read much like real app store reviews (normally you'll see "Great app, bit slow" or "cool, please add video support" 5-star reviews, not "You should totally buy it, no question about that. This won’t ruin your phone, won’t make your cam worse. So yes, definitely worth it to spend your money on it." A couple of reviews like that, sure, but all of them? There's some complaints that it does nothing in the 1-star reviews, along the usual "I can't even open it" crap). And I've looked for reviews on the major review sites - you'd expect some for an app like this on the photography sites. No joy. There's no support website. It might be a real and decent app, but it doesn't look good!

    I'd better point out here that I'm also a developer, also working on photography apps, and therefore "possibly biased". However, I'm not involved with any apps along these lines, and not intending to. My night vision low-light enhancement app supports zoom when taking photos, but doesn't do any resolution enhancement, same for camera boost on the ipad2 (which will support video zoom too soon, but again no extra pixels).

    I seem to remember a video-stabilising app, can't remember the name. I'll be amazed if there's no video zooming apps too, since it's trivial to program. One problem with video zoom: the camera itself can't zoom, so as it zooms in it will get blurry.

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