Iphone 4 problem need help


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Sep 19, 2011
hi, i have a friends iphone that need to be restore, the problem is that
i can't go into IOS, the phone has a sim card, no password, just swipe
and your in, but i can't, i turn on the phone and it says that is not
activated if i swipe it sends me to emergency calls only screen, i have
itunes on my pc i plug in the phone and it say that if i want to access it
i click continue and it says that i have to respond on the phone to have
access but i can't.

i have tired some youtube stuff to get into safe mode, restore, etc, but
no luck.

what can i do?


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Aug 3, 2006
This kind of sounds like iOS 7 activation lock. You'll need the password to unlock it.

*edit* I could have misread what you're saying. Maybe the phone needs to be activated and the sim that is currently installed is not valid.