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    Jun 26, 2011
    Big week for me....went from Blackberry to iPhone 4 and pc to MacBook Pro.

    I use activesync w/Exchange for email and have a Gmail account on it as well. Very loyal Blackberry user for almost ten years and have tried lots of devices (work in wireless integration) including an EVO recently. Always went back to Blackberry so we will see how this goes......I am more optimistic about the iPhone than I have been about any other device.

    Yikes....anyway, having some growing pains with both....since this is the iPhone forum I will ask a few questions about it....thanks in advance.

    1. Notifications are weak (as in barely noticeable)....I almost have to have a tone selected in order to know that I have any messages....if I have it on vibrate only it's that short little one vibrate tone and that's it. Anyway to fix that?

    2. Wifi - is it better for battery life to keep wifi on? Just curious as I am not sure if wifi supersedes the 3g connection for data usage....or if I keep wifi on will it bounce back and forth between the two thus causing worse battery life...

    Think that's it for now....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    1. Notifications will be overhauled when ios5 is released

    2. You will have much bettery battery life with wifi on. If there is a wifi network, the iPhone will connect to it rather than the 3G.

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