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  1. decisis34 macrumors newbie

    Dec 2, 2011
    So here is the story and I'm sure that this is not the first time you have heard this, although i have yet to come across this exact problem.

    I jail-broke my iPhone 4 about a month ago. I was running 4.2.X. Everything was fine until i started to really get into the customizations. I downloaded a theme from theme-it and installed it with dream-board. There was what looked like an android theme, i looked at for a second and made a change in the customization. It froze! I would restarted it again and froze again. I would restart it and could keep it from freezing if i kept moving the screen, the second i took my finger off it would freeze up again. I knew it was finished and had to be restored.

    Now i know i probably made a ton of mistakes that ultimately lead to the bricking of my phone but I'm just trying to learn here. So i took it to the computer plugged it into iTunes and hit restore. Looked promising for the first 5 seconds until i got error code 3194. I went on the net to find the solution. First solution was to add the 74.x.x.x gs.apple.com to the host file. Nothing still error 3194. Next was to download the host file from someone that already had the gs.apple.com added. Still the same results. Next was to download tinyumbrella and have the start server running while restoring, success!

    No error code 3194! Few seconds later error code 6100, shi*! OK back to the net for the solution. This time it was ireb, downloaded and clicked the iphone4 button, start the server on tinyumbrella again and.....success!!!

    No error 3194 and no error 6100. It was restoring....till. About 98 percent done when error code 1013 came up, shi*, SHI*!! So now its been a couple of hours and dozens of restore try's. So i found a few solutions on the net but the only thing i could really find was to erase the gs.apple.com from the host file which ultimately lead to the first error code 3194. Then i think i made the biggest mistake, i went and downloaded the tinyumbrella fixrestore.exe file ran it and my phone started to do the same thing when you jailbreak it, words running across the screen. Then nothing, except now my phone wont turn on or doing anything, nothing. The only string of hope i had was that iTunes could still see it. It kept saying that it was in restore mode and i had to restore it before i could use it.

    So with no hope i took it up to the apple store, well i made my wife do it. Being clueless about what i had done, she didn't have to lie to the apple employee. Needless to say i got my phone back, OS5 is installed and the jail-breaking is no more.

    A couple of days later, I'm itching to do it again, I cant stay locked up!! My wife says no!

    So here is the question, how do i jailbreak again and make sure that i can restore it back. I don't care if I have to restore it back to original OS5. I just don't want to run into any of these errors again if i have to restore again. If not, i will be a jailed, apple conforming, iPhone carrier, and who wants that?
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    Nov 11, 2010
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    I do. Happy and willing. It's not all that bad.

    Anyway, if you have no idea how to fix your iPhone in the first place when these problems arise, then you most likely have no business dabbling in Jailbreaking in the first place.

    Educate yourself first, then you can start with the hands-on experience.
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    Dec 2, 2011
    Well that's what i was assuming i was doing. I got on this forum to educate myself because i don't wanna have a problem like this again. It seems kind of silly that you responded to me by telling me to educate myself, when that is the purpose of my post.

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