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    I'm not new to the whole Jailbreaking scene, but I will admit, I'm a bit stumped.

    The iPhone 4 belongs to a friend that tried to do something on her own, and well, now we're at the situation we're at now -- I am trying to restore the iPhone back to factory settings.

    Let me explain.

    I have an iPhone 4 -- that is stuck in Recovery Mode (iTunes Icon with USB chord pointing upwards) -- I've tried TinyUmbrella to Kick it out of Recovery -- No such luck.

    I've also tried RedSnow - to Just Boot -- hoping maybe the decide was jailbroken in a Semi-tethered Jailbreak... But this goes through the process, even shows the Pineapple on the screen, and then a Grey Screen, and then boots back to the iTunes/USB Chord screen... no such luck there.

    I am curious -- I tried a general search within the forum for "iTunes Recovery" and "Exit Recovery Mode" -- and from the suggested posts, I haven't gotten anywhere.

    I feel like I am missing or forgetting a very simple step that would correct the issue...

    Does anyone have any insight into this problem I am having? -- All comments/suggestions are greatly! Appreciated! :)


    Current Situation: -- I was able to Download the latest firmware 5.1 -- and the latest iTunes. I used TinyUmbrella to allow iTunes to check the build and it's now loading 5.1 -- for some reason, I tried this earlier and it didn't work --- but currently, it's processing the firmware on the device. I think.. we're... back.. in BUSINESS!! :) woot woot. Sometimes its good just to talk it out...:)
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    My friend had the same issue.

    We used the methods you speak of and recboot programme too.

    Eventually after trying a few times over to restore via iTunes it just took !

    Hope you resolved the situation ok !

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