iPhone 4 Repair?

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    Mar 13, 2008
    I purchased my iPhone 4 from Verizon last June. It is now past the 1 year warranty, and I will explain the cause and effects.

    I plug my phone into my car to listen to Spotify on the road. Sometimes the heat (South Carolina, over here, ugh) would get to it and it would pause, and come up with the screen, "iPhone is too hot, please wait etc..." I would wait and it would come back good as new. This has happened 7-10 times.

    I dropped my phone, and had the top tiny left part of the screen break. Not cracked, but the picture is black on the upper left of the phone, up until the signal bars.

    Now my iPhone 4 randomly shuts off, and I have to hard reset it to even get it to work. This is incredibly annoying because it does this several times throughout a day, and I am starting to miss calls.

    This is the dilemma I face. Do you any of ya'll know what the problem is? I come from a "fixing cars" attitude, so I feel that I can fix this no problem (as long as it's not the motherboard), given the correct tools.

    But before I start throw money at the thing, I'd like to know what might be wrong with it. Battery, perhaps? I know I will be replace the front LCD, and digitizer. Should I go along and try and repair the battery as well, or no?

    Thanks for the help guys

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    Mar 13, 2008
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    Was your phone in direct sunlight? Bad idea if it was.

    When you open up the phone, see if the battery has expanded. Excessive heat can cause a battery to swell and cause random power offs.

    Unfortunately we now seem to live in a disposable world; it is cheaper to replace then repair. I would recommend going to an Apple Store and getting the entire phone replaced for $150 rather paying that price for a new LCD and battery that might not even fix the problem. IMHO
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    If your iphone dont have water / moisture damaged, it's simply replace new LCD-digitizer. If it is water damaged, then try to check the LCD socket and around area to clean or re-soldering that area
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    Jan 31, 2011
    Replacement battery ($6.25 USD)

    LCD/Digitizer front assembly replacement ($29.95 USD)


    If I were you and I was confident that the battery was the problem and that I could fix it, I would use this guide for the battery and this guide for the LCD/Digitizer front assembly.

    However, the front assembly looks like a scary repair- very difficult. So if you still wanted the front assembly repaired but didn't think you wanted to risk it, I'd use this service to repair the front assembly and still do the battery myself.

    P.S. The repair service for the front assembly is for a black iPhone only. If it's a white model, this service may help.

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