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    Is there a trustworthy source for OEM iPhone 4 back covers other than begging at an Apple store? The camera lens shield on my back cover is scratched, which results in a "fuzz and glow" effect with many pictures. Replacing the back cover appears to be as simple as removing two screws and swapping the cover.
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    Jul 10, 2008
    I'd love to find one and I'm surprised that 3rd party case designers haven't released a ton of them yet. To replace the back glass you only need to remove the two little screws on the bottom of the iPhone 4. It'd be great to be able to buy personalized backings for your iPhone 4 without adding additional bulk to the phone like cases do.
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    Jun 2, 2009
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    There is something wrong with the camera lens. After having my iphone 4 for only a month, and being in a griffin wallet case since day one, the camera lens had two scratches on it. I couldnt understand how that happened, I babied that phone for nothing else. I was looking into replacing the back as I dropped it over the weekend and the back scratched too (it actually slipped out of the wallet case, which I know realize sucks since it doesnt secure the phone in properly), most places sold OEM backs for about 100 bucks, but it wasnt clear if the camera lens was included.

    I finally just went into the apple store, showed them my receipt that i had bought my case on the same day as my phone, and complained about the lens. I also lied a bit and said it was dropping calls in full signal areas. ANyway, the guy was super nice and replaced it for free. I dreaded going in there too, so I dont blame you for looking into buying it, I was almost more willing to spend the 100 bucks than go in the apple store, but money is tight right now so I sucked it up and went in...
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    If you're in the UK I do iPhone repairs and have OEM iPhone 4 battery covers. PM me if you're interested as I cannot go into any more detail here.

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