iPhone 4 salt water/air


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Jun 15, 2010
Went dipnetting at the mouth of the kenai river in south-central Alaska, kept my iphone in my watertight chest waders, but upon catching several salmon, I took my phone out to take pictures and check the time. When I got into my vehicle to leave, the iPhone kept popping up messages saying that the peripheral Attached is not supported, or there is cellular interference. Tried shutting it down, but the phone would continuously reboot. Everything else worked fine but then when I got back home, I noticed that the dock connector was really corroded on the inside. No problems since, but Something to think about.

I imagine the iPhone was warmer being close to my body, then when I took it out, the salt air condensed onto my phone.

Now I'll have to leave my phone in the truck from now on when dipnetting. :)


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Jun 28, 2007
If the problems occur again you should probably take it in to see if AppleCare can fix it. As long as the water sensor has not gone off they should take care of it.
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