iPhone 4 (Sonera FI) - Is it locked?

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    Oct 5, 2010

    I have just purchased an iPhone 4 32GB from Sonera in Finland and taken out a separate data contract. I find that 3G performance is poor compared to providers such as Elisa /Saunalahti.

    Part no is MC605KS/A – 32GB Black

    According to this site it states that my model is a factory unlocked model.

    Does anyone know for certain if this is true as I would rather not cut up my PAYG sim card which is loaded up with lots of credit if I can help it.

    P.S. Elisa in Finland has just started selling unlocked /no contract necessary iPhone 4's. Does anyone know if they offer this phone on a pay monthly basis? It does not state anything on their website.
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    Aug 8, 2012
    iPhone 4 (Sonera FI) - Is it locked?

    People want a factory unlocked iPhone 4 for various reasons. A large proportion of interested parties live in countries where the iPhone 4 is not yet available. Another large group consists of those who travel abroad extensively, and want to be able to switch to carriers based within the countries they visit. This article will help prospective users to choose a phone correctly configured for their needs and inform them how to get the phone activated.
    SIM Card for USA

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