iPhone 4 speaker not working after speaker replacement

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    Sep 5, 2012
    Hi everyone, I have an iPhone 4 that I bought early this year from a friend the only problems it had at that time was a bit of a hard to press home button, time passed and I needed a screen protector the people at best buy mobile installed it for me and shortly after the installation I noticed something odd, the volume from my speaker was completely gone, the only audio came from the headphones when plugged in; when I tried turning the volume up or down with the headphones unplugged the volume bar had disappeared as if were connected to a stereo or a dock but the speaker still worked when I played a ringtone in the settings so naturally I went to best buy to try to get my phone fixed they said no way, that the solution was supposed to dry off immediately although the employee drenched my phone in the solution I went home and took apart my phone to dry off the inside the dock connector with a blow dryer on low, and the bottom part of the phone with the back cover off, I took out the speakers to see if the problem was fixed once the dock connector was removed and dried separately, I put everything back together plugged everything in closed my iPhone and let it turn on, once it was on I checked to see if that had fixed my problem but the volume bar still had not appeared like before and now the speaker wasn't making a noise, I went online bought a replacement speaker and charging connector that I needed that arrived today, I put them on in hopes that everything would work but all the happened was very little progress, the volume bar came back and the volume pop up showed "ringer" and "headphones" when headphones were plugged in showing me that the new charging port was functional. However, the speakers still aren't working when I try to play a ringtone or at all. Please help I don't know whether I have a logic board problem or a faulty replacement speaker but I could use all the help I can get. Thanks so much for your time.
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    sorry :(..
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    I have a idea. Unscrew your iphone 4 at the bottom (either philips or torx) and see if the wires from the speakers are unplugged or kinked. Another reason may be that it is water damaged in that area or something tragic like that. If you need more help, I got answers!
    - Cowhoon

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