iPhone 4 story time.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by komiothebeat, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Where i work there is always people coming in on their cell phones. And when customers look 'normal' and not like :mad: i tend to ask them how they are liking their iphones.

    today this guy came in, was looking over the menu and then ordered and was very friendly . so i got his order together and noticed he was taking a picture of our menu with his iphone 4 (caseless) and asked him how he liked his iPhone. "I LOVE it" which let me know he was friendly enough to proclaim his love for a device (either that or he was actually infatuated with his phone).

    so i nerded him up, seeing as we were slow and he was the only one in the store. Asked him if he had problems like everyone was having (and reporting) he said he wasnt having any problems but his wife was having the proximity problems, where it wasn't turning the screen off in a phone call. we proceeded to talk about the phone for like 10 mins about how great the phone is.

    :apple:yes i know this is a pointless thread ( like 83% of other threads posted on a daily basis...) so QQ . just thought i'd share because i love when people love their phones :)
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    ***damn you're cool. And original.
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    I wish posting that pic or "cool story bro" was punishable with a time out

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