Iphone 4 stuck in recovery HELP!

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    My phone has been stuck with the usb-arrow-itunes logo for the better part of the last 2 days and I was hoping to find an answer to my problems and recovery of sanity in this forum. I know there are probably quite a few threads on this situation, but at this point I can't handle further searching for the mythical solution. I've updated both itunes and iphone software, itunes recognizes my phone and says we need to restore, I hit restore and everything appears fine, the phone will flash white, then I continue to get an error message once the restore is almost complete citing 2001 or 2006 (see attached image). If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thx

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    That’s usually associated with a USB error, either from the cord, the dock connector, or the USB port. Try using a different cord or at least try a different port. You preferably want to use one directly off the motherboard, and not from a hub. You could also try a different computer. Last, but not least, try rebooting your computer, if you don’t have another one to try. If all this fails, try restoring in DFU mode (see my sig).

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