iPhone 4 Stuck in Recovery Loop & Tinyumbrella/IReb didn't help!


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Sep 24, 2014

I am desperatly hoping someone could help! When upgrading to IOS 7 (.02, I think) my Iphone 4 got stuck in a restore loop, only giving me the option to restore back to Factory Settings, which I really don't want to do. As my home button is hardly working, I read about my options a bit and have already tried Tinyumbrella, Rei Boot, even Redsn0w and nothing...

I am not looking to preserve baseband or any of that more advanced stuff - my phone is not Jailbroken thus my only real concern is not loosing all my pictures, videos and recordings/voice memos (I am a singer/songwriter and this is a LOT of important stuff in there...).

The PC I last back up my phone is history and I hadn't backed up on ICloud in ages, so my only true hope is that someone can help me find/walk me through a program that can pull it out of recovery loop and restart!

I will be forever grateful! Many thanks!

Help Please!!!

*Although the home button is faulty I did succesfully enter DFU mode twice - is there better hope from there?


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Dec 13, 2010
"my only real concern is not loosing all my pictures, videos and recordings/voice memos (I am a singer/songwriter and this is a LOT of important stuff in there...)."

I'm in the exact same situation with a 64 gig iPhone 5 that went into a red iTunes recovery loop and hasn't been able to come out with Tiny Umbrella, Reiboot, Recboot, redsnow, etc. Not jailbroken, just a simple update from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2 that went terribly wrong and no backup since 64 gig is tough to back up. I've purchased a 6 and am waiting for someone who can provide a solution. It's really surprising how many people have the same issue and have had to restore. I'd pay $$$ to have a solution for this..perhaps we should have a group thread and hopefully it will gain some attention..


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Apr 16, 2008
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What's really surprising is how many people don't back up their phones and then go nuts over losing years worth of pictures and other valuable info stored on their devices.
Take it as a lesson learned and from now on plug it in once in a while and do a backup. Only takes a few minutes.
A simple update is not that simple. Many OTA updates don't go as planned and get stuck thus needing a full itunes restore.
Again, backup your stuff periodically.


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Dec 13, 2010
The lesson learned as you can already imagine but thank you for reinstating it...it helps ease the pain...I was lucky enough to find one backup a year ago...and it didn't take minutes to accomplish, more like a day from what i remember.

it's not that surprising considering the larger these devices are getting and the icloud warnings of insufficient space or hours to backup the data (if that even goes through without any errors)...perhaps this is the first time this happened to us and we didn't foresee this happening. Its the first time since 2008 an update gave me this result...

Still in hopes somebody is able to find a fix or give some constructive help for the 5 stuck on the boot loop
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