iphone 4 suddenly won't sync photos

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    Good evening, any smart people out there who can solve my problem? I have an iphone 4 (OS 4.3.5) and recently bought an ipad 2. I synced the ipad 2 on the same computer (mac) as my iphone4 and all went well (I use the same apple id so all the apps synced across etc)
    But since then, when I sync my iphone4, the photos do not sync across to iphoto. Anyone know why or how to solve this?
    Many many thanks Lorien
  2. McGiord macrumors 601


    Oct 5, 2003
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    The photos taken with the iPhone 4 are downloaded to iPhoto, only if you start iPhoto and download the photos from the iPhone 4 to the iPhoto Library.
    When you sync via iTunes what you are actually doing is copying photos from your iPhoto Library to the iPhone Photo App in the iPhone 4.
    Similar situation with the iPad.
    Just be sure that you actually downloaded the photos to iPhoto, and then check in iTunes that the preferences are set up in the right way for what you want iTunes to do with either device.

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