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    Hi, I was searching the forums for problems with syncing with itunes on multiple computers and what not, and you seem very knowledgeable. Unlike me. Do you think you could help me a bit to understand how syncing with iTunes works?

    Currently I have my girlfriend's ipod touch that I use to listen to music and I manually manage the music on my desktop computer. (I use her iTunes account for paid apps) so i don't pay much attention to having my own itunes account.

    I'm getting an iPhone 4 soon and would like to know if it's possible (without too much hassle) to be able to sync to two main computers being my home desktop computer, and my macbook pro. I'll most likely not be connecting to my girlfriend's computer with my phone.

    I plan on having my own apps, music, media, etc. I was wondering if this is easy to manage on my desktop AND macbook pro (when needed)


    I guess what I'm asking is if I sync with my home computer on one occasion, and want to sync with my laptop on the next... How will my laptop know that my apps, music, etc are (more) current than what's on my laptop? Is this what "Transfer purchases" are for? What about music that aren't purchased from iTunes or the iTunes library?
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