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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SpartanTX117, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Well after trying for 12 hours to get my iPhone 4 ordered through apple.com finally got it ordered. Took my name off the reservation at my local Apple Store in Southlake. Well Monday I get the email saying you will have it Wednesday so I take off today to wait for it since the person I was going to have wait for it tomorrow cant now because i told them Apple said it will be here on the 23rd so don't worry about it. As did a lot of other people I started tracking it. I noticed it wasn't leaving Memphis, TN so this morning I decided to call Fed EX. I get a rep from Fed Ex on the phone and she tells me well its in New York, New York on the truck and I will have it today only problem is I am in Texas.The Fed Ex rep tells me its not guaranteed till the 24th so we don't pretty much care what Apple has told you on getting it on the 23rd thats not our guarantee and commitment with Apple. And it was probably in NY to go through customs...
    I go on asking well I just want to know why its in New York and not at least near Texas? And I told her I knew it went through custom in AK. She says well I have no idea but ill find out and call you. Well at 9:30 I decide to call Apple. I stay on the phone with them for 45 min to be told that it was a mistake it is in Ft. Worth and he guarantees I will have it in my hands before days end the Fed Ex rep he was talking to said it was a clerical error and it was in Texas on the truck for delivery. So I wait all day, then decide to call Apple again I am told by the Apple rep well its on the truck in NY you should have it anytime now well IM NOT IN NEW YORK they verify my address again and everything and say well that is a problem but I cant check with Fed Ex there server is down. Call back not even 20 min later to Apple go through the whole spill again and he finally calls someone from Fed Ex well one of the packages near mine had a label come off and stick to mine so it got sent to New York. So now I have taken off today for nothing, have no one to sign for my package tomorrow (don't wanna pre sign and leave it in the 100 degree heat all day) and Fed Ex just said well its not our problem we said the 24th and don't care what Apple told you. So at least I am getting one but it has been a big fiasco. And now they aren't even sure it will be here tomorrow. All Apple will say even after a three way call is that there mangers said if whoever got a email saying the 23rd will have one but I don't. Apple says its Fed Ex and Fed Ex says its Apples fault for promising something before the commitment date. Neither one will admit fault. Oh and the last guy at Apple called me a liar saying that there reps would have never guaranteed me to have it today even though 2 of them did just that.... Hope no one else is having shipping issues like that... And like I said at least I am getting one and hopefully it wont be a empty box like the other poster...
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    That is one impressive wall of text. Well done, sir!

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