iPhone 4 turning off and on randomly after dropping in water

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    Its been 5 days since my iPhone went through the washer. its been in rice the whole time and it still wouldn't turn on, so i plugged it into the computer and it turned on. The battery said 61% then when i unplugged it it shut completely down, then apple logo appeared and a few seconds later it was back up and running with the battery showing 51%. it has done this a few more times without the drop in battery life. Is this a sign i need a new battery?
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    Feb 21, 2011
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    ^Need a reason? Here's one. The water and detergent have caused corrosion on probably every part. So its not just the battery. Its the PCB, the chips, the screen, and all the connections. The same thing happened to my daughter's nano many years ago. I managed to turn it on about a couple of weeks after, and it worked for a while. But it had all sorts of problems. I had the battery changed, and the technician showed me the corrosion inside. So its just a paperweight now.

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