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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by goneeuro, May 26, 2011.

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    I just had a few questions. I am usually pretty good at finding this info myself but now that everything is saturated with false info I am coming to you guys for help.

    I decided to move to Germany and would like to take our iPhones with us and not have to re-buy them for a german carrier. I never thought I would do anything like this so I just updated the software and JB them. I never kept the old baseband. Now my questions are, what's going to be my best route to unlock or should I just sell them and buy new ones when I get there. I saw the whole 180 dollar unlock thing happen and was curious if anyone ever figured out how that happened or how it worked.

    Next question is does att have the ability to unlock an iPhone. Not wether they will do it or not, but can they actually do it? And last. Is the gevey sim worth the money as a short term solution until the ultraslow unlock finally comes out. I know they are working on it, I am just leaving at the beginning of July so I would like a working phone when I get there. Thank.
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    My understanding based on my own research and also Jailbreak Matrix chart is that the newer basebands are not unlockable right now. If you did not save your original baseband (assuming you had an iPhone 4 running 4.0.2 or earlier) then you are out of luck.

    ATT technically probably could unlock but they won't. Period. It's annoying b/c they will unlock almost any other phone once you are midway in your contract. TMob will unlock is even sooner.

    Your best alternative is to sell the phone w/ whatever remaining contract term you have. You should be able to get a nice chunk of $ for it which can subsidize a factory unlock phone when you get to Europe.

    The Gevey SIM isn't a real solution since you have to stick it in again each time you reboot your iPhone. That can be a pain or worse depending on when you have to do an untimely shut down of your iPhone.
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    You screwed yourself with the update. Right now, the forecast for a software unlock is grim.
    Every official iphone carrier has the ability to add your phone to Apple's unlock database. However, in AT&T's case, the question is if they will unlock your phone. No story you have will grant you an unlock. If you're lucky, your move will negate the possibility of an ETF.

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