Iphone 4 update to ios 5

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by karlsam3, May 21, 2012.

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    Apr 22, 2011
    i have an iphone 4. My father had bought it for me when he was in swizerland and its locked to swisscom with version 4.3.2 and firmeware 04.10.01. Basically it is jailbroken and i use gevey sim to unlock it.

    I would like to update it to a better version on ios 5. Will it still work? since i live in malta and i am not with swisscom here?

    thanks alot

    please help me
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    Go to iclarified.com and click tutorials (at the bottom). Follow the tutorial about "How to pagrade your iPhone 4 without updating your baseband".

    You should end up using a tool called RedSn0w to make a "NO_BB" custom iPSW, and install that. This will allow you to keep your unlockable baseband.

    After the install, you will notice that you always have either one, or no signal bars. This is just cosmetic, and does not affect calling/texting/browsing, etc.

    Read carefully before proceeding, and if you have any questions/doubts, search or post here before moving forward. Too many people forge ahead without researching properly and screw up their unlock...
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    Mods is there anything we can do?

    I'm not a moderator by any means nor am I an expert on iPhone hacks but this forum is getting out of hand!!!! The threads are chalked full of questions people could easily search Google or this forum for....

    This OP has 4 different threads started with the same opening statement/question!!!!!

    There are at least 4 new threads on "What are the advantages to JB'ing" or "Should I update now?"

    This makes it difficult to actually get to the information someone might night. Or for the thread with a rare problem.

    I love coming here for information but it is getting too convoluted with lazy amateurs not willing to take the time to research. And as a n00b myself I know it is not very time consuming to search the internet for these answers.

    Mods is there anything we can do?

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