iphone 4 verizon SAFARI ISSUE

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  1. din0saur macrumors newbie

    Jan 4, 2012
    I purchased my iPhone 4 on oct.31.11 (upgraded) Everything worked fine about a month into it everything works but internet thru 3G does not. Wifi, texts, calls, voicemail all work. Message I get is " You are not subscribed to a cellular data service" followed by "Safari cannot open page because it is not connected to the internet" I would think that would be Verizon Network issues but they send me to to apple no one there could resolve it send me to Verizon who send me back to apple, they both did the soft reset and then a complete phone reset, the *228 reset, internet works for about 5 minutes then back to problem. Apple orders me a new phone which I then restore from itunes from my previous phone works great for about 2 weeks then same problem so they say it has to be Verizon since it's a brand new phone so spoke to Verizon again and again they did resets of all sorts and still doesn't work they order me a new phone this time I don't restore from iTunes I manually enter contacts..2 weeks later here I am again. Once again Verizon has me resetting my phone, my settings, Nothing. I googled issue found the APN website unlockit.co.nz that a lot of people it worked for but not for me. I also found some threads saying that when transferring from old smart phone to iphone the Phone plan transfer the data plan does not and Verizon needs to re-activate the Account when I mention this to them they say they cant connect and disconnect the account there is no such thing and they don't know what else to do... Also, they'll try and say its the connection in my area. 1. never had this issue with my droid 2. it doesn't work ANYWHERE 3. My husband got the same phone on the same date, same time, he even had same previous phone, he lives and works with me, he's had NO ISSUES. They say, Bizarre. I got bars and I got the 3G icon. Yet Nothing =[ They filed a trouble ticket to upper division today and I guess I wait until Monday.

    I am so frustrated with this. Any help is so so so appreciated.

    thank you for reading...
  2. kicko macrumors 65816

    Aug 26, 2008
    sounds like a Verizion network issue of some type, but what? I'd love to know what happens if Verizon set you up with a brand new account (new number, etc.), would it still happen? If it didnt then maybe switch your number over to the other account? Do you have a family plan? see if they will let you open another line to test. Things like that should not happen and they should have IT people that can figure it out.

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