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    Oct 1, 2012
    Okay so I have an iPhone 4 and it won't restore. I dropped it the other day and it won't turn on. I plugged into iTunes and said it needs to be restored, so I tried that and got an error code. I tried deactivating my anti virus software and that didn't work. Tried using a different USB cable and that didn't work. Tried 3 different computers and still error codes when restoring. I'm running the newest version of iTunes and I have no idea what to do. If my phone isn't plugged in it won't stay on. When it's plugged in all it says is iPhone needs to be restored and that's it. I can't do anything, I have tried replacing the charging port and the battery and both have not worked. Anybody know what I can do? I've searched for hours and have done all suggestions I've found and still no success.
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    Is it that hard to realize that it has hardware damage?
    You dropped it, something broke inside or damaged so now it wont work.
    You really thought physical damage can be fixed or go away by restoring?
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